Alliance Access Control System

Caring for residents in long term health care facilities who suffer from Alzheimer’s or other dementia is a very difficult task. Uncontrolled wandering exposes residents to possible life-threatening dangers. Physical and chemical restraints are often inappropriate for residents suffering from dementia, and standard door alarms cannot differentiate between a staff member and a resident wander situation.

The solution to resident elopement problems is an access and wander control monitoring system. Our access and wander control system, provides long-term care facilities with selective door locking features, providing maximum, worry-free protection against resident wandering incidents. Our system prevents the elopement of wandering confused and unstable residents, by controlling door access via resident radio frequency tags. Our innovative system improves resident care and provides peace of mind to relatives, staff, and management.

The Alliance Door Control System is an innovative solution to the problem of elopements risks and security concerns. Features include:

Robust Equipment – The resident wander control and access control system utilizes the AMT-2100 Door Access Control Module. Our proprietary door access control module is robust and modular, allowing use of radio tags, key pads, mushroom buttons, biometric readers and many more access control devices.

Smart Technology – The AMT-2100 Door Access Control Module utilizes smart technology which enables it to read both resident and staff tags, selectively lock and unlock doors, selectively sound alarms, automatically lock and unlock doors at preset times, interface with our nurse call system to provide wireless paging, as well as other functions.

Versatile – The access and wander control system has programmable functions, allowing for multiple user codes and different security/monitoring time-out functions. Alliance’s Auto-Secure feature provides facilities with the flexibility to set up customized security features at each and every access controlled door, even corridors and elevators.

Controlled Access – When the Alliance wander control system is utilized with electromagnetic locks, it can selectively deny access to monitored residents at access controlled doors, while allowing complete access to staff, non-monitored residents, and family members. Even outside access to the facility can be restricted on a selective or general basis when desired.

Improves Efficiency & Facility – Our wander control system improves staff efficiency by reducing the time spent on monitoring wander-prone residents and checking access door locks. New resident family members are more likely to entrust their loved ones to your facility’s care with the peace of mind provided by an access and wander control system. Reduce your yearly elopement reports and increase your facility’s reputation.

Integrates with product line – All of our products easily integrate with one another to provide your facility with a comprehensive system that will protect and secure your facility staff and residents.

Reliable Customer Service and Support – our partnership with our customers goes way beyond systems installation. Professional service and technical assistance are available via 24/7 support hotline.


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